Rice lovers unite! Login to SynchroLife and post your favorite foods that go perfect with rice using the Japanese hashtag #米に合う美味いメシ between October 1st, 2021 and October 31st, 2021 to join the “Perfect with Rice” campaign!

Rice can be part of the main dish or just a side, anything with…

Digitally transforming stadium ordering and encouraging sports fans to support local restaurants

September 21, 2021 — TOKYO, JAPAN

GINKAN Inc., the managing company of the social restaurant review service SynchroLife, has launched their mobile ordering feature in J1 League Soccer Team Kawasaki Frontale’s stadium. …

Have you treated yourself lately? Post your favorite extravagant solo dining adventures and recommended restaurants with the hashtag #贅沢ひとりご飯 to join the extravagant solo eats campaign!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweet or savory, light or filling! Anything goes if it’s dining you love! Share all your favorite treats for yourself and at the end of the campaign, five lucky reviewers in Japan will be selected to win some luxurious foodie prizes that can be enjoyed at home.

And be sure to check out the special limited time campaign timeline in the SynchroLife app to discover everyone’s recommended solo eats!

Check out the details on our campaign website (Japanese language only) to learn more: https://c.synchrolife.io/campaign/202106_zeitaku

PRESS RELEASE — June 17, 2021

GINKAN Inc., the managing company of SynchroLife, the social restaurant review service with a token economy, has announced funding from KDDI Open Innovation Fund (operated by Global Brain Corporation) in the form of a third-party allocation of shares. …

Photo credit to Sumitomo Mitsui Card: https://www.smbc-card.com/steradevelopers/casestudy/ginkan.jsp

Last month Sumitomo Mitsui Card introduced SynchroLife with an in-depth exclusive interview with SynchroLife CEO Tomochika Kamiya and CTO Hiroshi Mita!

Aichi Prefecture’s Official Announcement of Award Winners: https://www.pref.aichi.jp/soshiki/startup/nus-startup-fes-award.html

GINKAN Inc., which manages the restaurant discovery social media platform SynchroLife, won the “Aichi Award” at the Aichi Startup Festival 2021 held online for three days from March 15th, 2021 to March 17th, 2021.

The Aichi Award was awarded to startups based on their business plan, social impact, and their…

SynchroLife will print user reviews as awards and mail them to restaurants!

GINKAN Inc., which manages the restaurant discovery social media platform SynchroLife, has announced a new restaurant award campaign. User reviews with the campaign hashtag will be printed and mailed to restaurants as a physical award. …

Digitally transforming stadium ordering and guiding Kawasaki Frontale fans to local restaurants

MARCH 9, 2020 — Tokyo, Japan

GINKAN, Inc. and Kawasaki Frontale Co., Ltd. will be testing mobile ordering for stadium restaurants on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. This is the first time a J League Club Team Japanese professional soccer team has used SynchroLife’s mobile order system.

Proof-of-Concept Test Date

Date: Wednesday, March 10th…

e27 — February 11th, 2021 — https://e27.co/how-this-tokyo-based-startup-is-revolutionising-the-restaurant-industry-with-ai-and-big-data-20210210/

SynchroLife was introduced on major Asia startup and technology news site e27! Check out their comprehensive English article “How this Tokyo-based startup is revolutionising the restaurant industry with AI and big data” published February 11th, 2021 to learn about our mission to digitally transform marketing in the restaurant industry.

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SynchroLife, the restaurant discovery social media platform managed by GINKAN Inc., will be providing an app for partner restaurants in Sumitomo Mitsui Card’s all in one device “stera terminal” from their new payment platform “stera”. GINKAN Inc. …


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